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January 31, 2012

How Time Flies

Jane Flory in my college days
48 years ago this month since I walked into 
Jane Flory's Evening Division office as her 
new student helper. 
Part of my student aid package.
Best boss I ever had.
Friend, teacher, mentor followed.
Can't say in what order, evolving and growing
with time.
Some time before Jane revealed her other profession.
Author and Illustrator of over 50 children's books.

An alumna of the College.
As well as raising three lovely, talented 
and mischievous daughters.

Just a few of Jane Flory's wonderful books
Jane was the first to believe I could write as well as illustrate.
Trusted me to illustrate her Ranshackle Roost (HMCo).
Taught me everything she knew about "the ropes"
of writing, book illustrating and publishing and introduced 
me to Houghton Mifflin Co., her publisher.
We did 4 books together.

Ramshackle Roost, We'll Have A Friend For Lunch, The
Unexpected Grandchildren and The Bear On The Doorstep
(all HMCo).
Hard work, much laughter, interesting expeditions.
She listened, sympathized, advised, cheered 
and laughed with every "war story" from books 
that came after.
We shared a love of history, doll houses, handcrafts
and travel. Unabashed Anglophiles.
Remembered anecdotes from shared adventures 
always make me laugh. 
And I miss her.

Jane Flory at the Landis Valley Museum in Lancaster, PA. 
 on a research trip for my book, The Three Brothers, Whitebird/Putnam
One of our memorable"expeditions" over the years.

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  1. Ah, yes...I love your connection to this lovely lady. What soulmates you must have been! Ramshackle Roost was a childhood favorite, forever impacting my love of "sending for free samples," the turn-of-the-century lifestyle & a passion for close, loving family ties. My mom met Jane Flory (I believe, with you & your mom on some Philly trip) & described her as "funny, white-haired, sweet...just the way you'd want a children's author to be." Thanks for this beautiful reminiscence!