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January 31, 2010

Been A While

More snow yesterday.
Haven't posted for a while. Busy getting over a cold 
and trying to learn to draw and paint on the computer. 
What little work is out there now goes to artists who 
produce their work on Adobe Illustrator or some 
such program. Drawing and painting by hand is no 
longer appreciated or desired. 
The computer certainly eliminates the piles of sketches, 
wet paint and dirty brush water (which cats will drink, if 
left uncovered), sheets of handmade French watercolor 
paper, eraser nubs and rulers and triangles and T-squares. 
Trouble is, I LIKE piles of sketches. I am used to the 
feeling and concentration of laying a wash on luscious 
150lb hot press Arches water color paper with a Series 
7 Winsor Newton sable brush and the feel of drawing 
with a buttery F lead pencil. Its taken a long time 
to master these tools. Not a computer phobe, I write, 
communicate, research, shop, sell and alter my hand 
done art all the time. All self taught. 
But, so far drawing and painting on the 
computer is a shallow mechanical exercise. All point 
click and drag. Not an iota of sensuality or satisfaction.
Stay tuned.........

My illustration from FINGERPLAYS AND SONGS FOR THE VERY YOUNG, Random House

January 18, 2010

Winter Cold

A sneeze, a cough 
That starts it off.
Hot soup, some rest
That cures it best. 


(feeling a little better today) ;-)

My illustration from QUESTIONS, 
by Lee Bennet Hopkins, HarperCollins

January 17, 2010

Birdie, Its Cold Outside

Puffing up, huddling close, near the outdoor heater. 

Love birds in the super market parking lot, yesterday.

January 10, 2010

GoGo Giggles

Over the years I have been privileged
to work with talented designers world
wide. One favorite, Art Director, Jeff 
Dinardo at Dinardo Design in Concord, MA. 
With 25 years experience designing wonderful
educational materials, Dinardo has launched 
GoGo GIGGLE, their own line of fun stuff for kids. 

Perfect baby gift Socks in a Can 4 pairs ea/ soft 
and stretchy, one size fits newborns to 12 mos. 
The 6 little Go Go Giggle characters decorate baby 
bath items, games and a bright little sketchbook for 
doodling fun and lots of Giggles. Dinardo Design 
contributes a percentage of sales to organizations 
promoting literacy. 

January 7, 2010

Brother, Oh Baby!

Today all 4 of my Mom's children 
can be found on the other side of 
Hill #60. 
It is brother Jonathan's birthday. 
The big 6-0!
Nicknames, Jocky, Jock, JC, Jace 
and Steve (its a long story).
Remembering Jock's arrival and brother
Ted (about 13 mos older) busted,
lowering the baby down the sewer
in an attempt to retrieve a lost ball.

Little Jocky's famous party piece. 
Told to "relax". In his highchair, 
fists clenched, face tensed into a 
grimace. Loving the laughter. 

Jock, Ted, Susan and Me in the Ice Age


Jock in his first car

In the 70's
So many funny stories, like the time
he grew impatient waiting for Ted
to get home and tried to install an 
air conditioner in a second floor
window by himself. Mom, back 
turned reading, oblivious to the
Then, "Mom, how badly did you 
want air conditioning?
Now a respected retired Dentist 
in suburban Chicago. Self taught banjo 
player, super gardener, jewelry designer,
cook and husband.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jock! No matter 
how old. You'll always 
be my baby brother. ;-)
Huge hugs and all my love, C 

January 3, 2010

Helping Out With The Old

Clearing out last year's files.
Readying all for the new business one hopes will come
and the tax man one knows will come.
Receipts, bills, correspondence, paperclips, rubber bands, 
waste basket, shredder, pencils, adding machine. Only
thing missing, a 16 lb. cat sitting in the midst of it all.
Dear Freddie, always so willing to oblige.