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September 15, 2012


H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y, Tomasso!!

Con grandissimi abbracci e molti baci!!!

September 4, 2012

Bold Boho Bead Key Fobs

Beading right along.........

Just finished these jazzy boho arty new key fobs. 
Available at
(click to enlarge image)

Jolly boho handpainted wooden Indian bead key fob.

Also added 2 chic millefiori, clay and glass key fobs
Below, another view of the beautiful millefiori design on bottom fob.

September 3, 2012

Back On The Bead

My new jazzy bead boho Key Fobs, just posted
Nothing soothes my overheated summer 
self than a lovely day swimming........... 
in BEADS (in air conditioned splendor). 
BEAD FEST, Philadelphia 2012 in Oaks, 
PA this August did the trick.

I began beading for relaxation. 
Beads have become a passion, 
a source of inspiration and a major vice.  

To the gratitude of a number of exhibitors, a 
beadaholic friend/cousin joined me in cutting 
a swath through the aisles draped, stacked and 
dripping with temptation.

Each of us with an eye out for our own unique finds.
Sometimes falling for the same treasures.
But always with a different purpose in mind.
Making it all even more interesting.

Handmade black furnace glass and red Tagua bead key fob
by Carolyn Croll. Available at
Peach and blue furnace glass with handmade handpainted Asian beads.
The painted "eyes" are intended to ward offevil spirits.

by Carolyn Croll. Available at