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March 28, 2012

Not What I Signed Up For

Sharing this cautionary tale for colleagues who autograph 
their books.
Recently discovered my signature on Google images
Posted by a bookseller advertising a used book for sale.
Why they thought just mentioning the book was 
"signed by the author" was not sufficient, I have no idea. 
Having already had my artwork stolen online and used,
(see my October 12, 2011 post)
I shudder to imagine the creative uses a signature 
could be put to. Though the bookseller responded 
immediately to my insistence on the signature's removal, 
it took over 48 hours for Google to eliminate it. 
Having signed zillions of books beginning years before the 
internet came along, the cat is long out of the bag and left the 
building decades ago. 
I always sign books with a "book signing signature", 
not my official legal signature.... but criminals and credit 
issuers don't know that. Since its still a signature, who
can be sure of legal ramifications.
Rethinking signing books at all. 
Maybe initials only.

March 23, 2012

Fun At Trader Joe's

Shopping at Trader Joe's.
A Father accompanied by 3 
little dark haired daughters.
Stepping stones age 3-4ish, 5-6ish
and maybe 7.
Soon learned there was another older sister
and a brother at home.
Well behaved with shy smiles and shining eyes.
Loading their cart with broccoli bouquets and 
other stuff.
Exchanging smiles and little jokes for months.
With Dad's permission I brought them a
little present.
A copy of Too Many Babas.

This afternoon, a sister committee
awaiting my arrival in the first aisle 
of Trader Joe's.
Presenting me with 2 beautifully and 
touchingly written thank you notes
in delightfully decorated envelopes.
One by the 3rd sister and the other by
their Mom.

Seems they already knew and liked
The Big Balloon Race as well.
Book lovers all!!

March 19, 2012


My art from Easy-to-Read Folk and Fairy Tale Plays

                   Carol Pugliano, Scholastic