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December 29, 2010

The Great Escape - Not!

When my hands are full of mail 
and packages, I open the door and 
Fred escapes...... across the hall. 
He doesn't want to leave home, just 
play chase and dodge.

Told him over and over,
its not allowed.
He doesn't care.
Cats just wanna have fun. =^..^=

December 27, 2010

Our Turn

Finally, it snowed in Philadelphia too.
About a foot in the city. 
Enjoyed a delightful catch up lunch with
old friend, colleague and marvelous painter, 
Leslie Baker ( ), back in 
town to install her daughter at University
Afterwards,  on the way home,  I passed the 
Magnolia trees in St Mark's churchyard.
                                           (click on image to enlarge to see birds)
The branches were full of Robin Red Breasts dining on 
the buds as well as some brown berries on 
sidewalk trees.

I'll never understand how birds can stand the
freezing cold on their little naked birdie feet.

December 21, 2010

Time To Bake The Cookies, Part II

Been making biscotti.
Biscotti means "twice baked".
First bake the dough into

Then, after they've  cooled a bit, 
slice them on the diagonal. 
Bake the slices for 10 minutes
or so. 
Easy and fun to make. 
I've collected many biscotti
recipes and sometimes change
the add ins and flavorings.

This time, Chocolate Mocha 
Walnut, Orange Cranberry 
Pistachio, and my Italian
teacher Teresa's Chocolate 
Chip Hazelnut.
Most will be holiday gifts.
One size fits all and no one
ever returns them.

Personally, I prefer Whisker Lickins crunchy tuna snacks.
I'll be happy to share recipes, should anyone want one. 
Or, just Google your favorite flavors followed by the word "biscotti"
and find more than you want to know.

The Cat Boys and I wish everyone a joyful holiday!  =^..^=

December 19, 2010

Time To Bake The Cookies

(click on images to enlarge)

Started my biscotti baking.
I like to alter recipes as I go.
Today, chocolate mocha with
walnuts and mini chocolate chips.
Tomorrow, stay tuned. I'll see 
what I feel like making. 
Christina making Christmas treats in my book THE LITTLE SNOWGIRL

Always delightful to see a foreign edition.
Want to guess the language of this one?

Along with the book, my splendid designer Gunta Alexander, 
included this note that someone had posted in the xerox room 
at Putnam. Click on it to share the amusing commentary. ;-)

December 8, 2010

In The Cards

Finished my holiday card, done completely on 
the computer, Good practice.

Only when I finally printed it out did I realize the color 
scheme bore a strong resemblance to a product always 
on hand around here.  
=^..^= =^..^=

Image from the Purina/ Tidy Cat website

December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

The Birthday Girl herself

  Wishing Mom a very Happy Birthday!

    with huge hugs and all my love, C

                31.1 Celsius**   

Mom as a tot on her Dad's shoulder
Here's Mom at age  -15 Celsius. ;-)

**a wink to George Carlin

December 2, 2010

Happy Hanukkah!

My illustration from HOORAY FOR HANUKKAH, by Fran Manushkin, Random House

November 29, 2010

Birthday Girl

Louisa May Alcott
Favorite author, Louisa May Alcott's 
birthday. Born 178 years ago in Germantown, 
PA. Not far from center city Philadelphia.

My well worn copy of Little Women
I still read Little Women, sometimes from start
to finish, other times certain chapters.
Always totally identified with Jo March, 
although I am the oldest in my family and Jo 
is the next oldest. Awkward, passionate, dramatic,
creative and brave. Always getting into scrapes as she
forges ahead. Far from perfect, but so sincere in her efforts.
Thought everyone who read the book identified with Jo.
My English friend, Rosalind and I were discussing the 
book over a cuppa and slice of one of her excellent cakes in 
her suburban London home, one day.
Meg and John Brooke, illustration by Louis Jambor, 

Little Women, Grosset and Dunlap 
It surprised me to learn that Ros identified with Meg, 
the eldest. Soon realized that she really WAS very Meg. 
A nurse, a woman who practices her strong faith every 
day in her dealings with everyone she meets. Mother 
of two, now grandmother of three, married to Rob, 
one of the nicest guys ever, very John Brooke!

My friend Rosalind
(Some day I'll tell the story of meeting Rob for the first time.)
Ros is my reward for having stopped smoking over 
30 years ago. Returning from a London trip with a couple of 
friends sitting back in smoking section, me alone up front.
Just before the plane door closed, a tall handsome woman 
strode in and sat next to me (in non-smoking) in the aisle 
bulk head seat. 
Exchanged "hellos" and haven't stopped chatting since. 
That was 32 or so years ago. 
A medical nurse, Ros introduced me, at first highly skeptical, 
to Homeopathy as well. Soothing aches and pains and 
"airplane flu" with remedies from her Homeopathic cabinet 
when hot tea alone didn't work. Lovely expeditions to Liberty's,
Canterbury, Seven Oaks and Bath. Would never have known
about Katharine Swynford and John of Gaunt without Ros.
A big sister I never had. Meg to my Jo for all these years.

November 24, 2010

What's The Natter?

No idea what this Squirrel was on about.
Nattering loudly as I passed by late last 
Saturday afternoon.

Nattering Gray Squirrel in Washington Square 
Park November 20, 2010

(click on image to enlarge)

November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Story of the Pilgrims (New Edition), Katharine Ross, 
ill. Carolyn Croll, Random House 2010

November 21, 2010

Remembering Jane

This week Jane Flory Friedman, 
my old friend and mentor has been 
gone five years,


Wall Hanging, Jane Flory Friedman, 1999
For the 40+ years that we were 
friends, along with raising a family, 
caring for a disabled husband, 
running the Evening Division at 
what is now the University of the Arts 
and writing and illustrating her books, 
Jane was working on needlepoint or 
pieced and appliqued quilts. Rugs, 
wall hangings, large bed quilts, quilted 
throws and my special favorites, doll house 
size quilts and rugs. Here are just two 
examples of her many colorful joyous pieces.
Doll house size bed quilt, 4"X4", Jane Flory Friedman

More to come in future

CATching Up With The Times

What is Tizzy reading? Click on image to enlarge.

November 16, 2010

A Really Good Yarn.

Erika Flory's, Calypso Hat

(click on images to enlarge)

My friend Erika Flory is a knitting virtuoso.
She knits for pleasure. As for business she is 
Knitwear Designer for her own KidKnits© label 
for over 20+ years of the 45+ years she has 
been knitting.

Erika is also the youngest daughter of my old
dear friend and mentor, Jane Flory.
(see my 11/25/2008 post) 

Erika Flory wearing her own Sunset stole
What began as a hobby grew into a business.
Starting with her hand knit sweaters and hats
for babies and toddlers which Erika sold at
crafts shows, KidKnits© has grown to include
its own website where
kits and patterns of Erika's marvelous designs
are available.

Yellow Cardigan, KidKnits

Baby Kimono, KidKnits

Sweet toddler dress

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these small socks

For knitters on your holiday lists consider Erika Flory's books, 
Head To Toe Knits with 23 designs to knit for babies. Or maybe 
A Baker's Dozen, a collection of that number of lovely hats for babies.
And now Erika Flory's gorgeous knitwear is available 
at KidKnits as patterns and kits. Took me hours to 
choose several samples to post here, they are so
Shrug, KidKnits

Bec's BBQ, KidKnits

Along with running her business and with her Architect 
husband, Michael Hauptman, taking care of her family
Erika leads a group of volunteers teaching knitting and
crochet to the blind and vision impaired.

You an learn more about Erika Flory and her beautiful
work at:
(type kidknits in the search box)
And her blog: