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September 22, 2009

Fall Back

Started the new season with a bang.
Off early to a medical appointment.
Before leaving, noticed I'd put on a
black sock and a navy sock. (not the
first time.... went off once, long ago,  
for a day of showing my portfolio 
to publishers in NYC this way.)
Changed my left sock for black and
caught the bus. On board, sat down
next to an old friend.
Glancing down at my feet as we
greeted each other, I still had 2 different 
colored socks on.
(Originally had both socks been blue?
We'll never know.....)
Off the bus and a block to the doctor's.
Waited while the receptionist finished
on the phone. Gave my name.
Not on the list.
Are you sure? They had called to verify
Here, I printed this out from my calendar
entry...uh....uh, oh.
In black and white, September 23, Wednesday.
Caught the bus back. 
"That was fast." The driver said as I 
climbed aboard. Same guy, same bus, on their 
return leg.
I confessed my error.
"I see a lot of this." He smirked.
Alighting at my stop. I inquired whether he 
was on tomorrow.
"Yeah, I'm on everyday." He joked. "But I'm 
not picking YOU up."  ;-)

September 21, 2009

Johnson & Hodge

(Samuel Johnson by Sir Joshua Reynolds
Tate Gallery, London)

Today marks Dr Samuel Johnson's 300th birthday.
Best known as the lexicographer of the Dictionary
of the English Language and as the subject of 
James Boswell's biography. 
My attraction to Johnson stems from his
affection for cats, particularly Lily, a well behaved 
white "kitling" and Hodge, described as having sable fur.
Boswell records how Johnson went himself to the fishmongers to buy oysters for Hodge as he didn't trust a servant to show the cat affection after having been sent on such a lowly errand.
A statue of Hodge, sitting on Johnson's dictionary
with an open oyster at his feet, stands in front of
Johnson's house at 17 Gough Sq, London.

September 20, 2009

Beamed Up - Part II

The 2 Liberty place sky hook
was at it again yesterday. This
time I've got pictures.
top left- gondola rising 
top right - gondola at top perpendicular
to boom
lower left - gondola parallel to boom
lower right - detail, boom w. gondola
moving into building
(click on image to enlarge details)

September 17, 2009

Beamed Up

arrow points to boom window
(click to enlarge)

I saw a metal gondola with several men slowly
rise up the south side of 2 Liberty Place, 
while I was on the phone yesterday.
When they passed the railing at the top of 
that portion of the building (40-some stories 
high) I suddenly realized that the platform 
could not be hanging from the roof nor 
attached to the side wall, because the next 
building section stepped back from the 
lower one.
"Sky hook?", crossed my mind as I looked 
up under my window shade.
Indeed, there was a long steel boom
sticking out of a large window opening
just under the triangular peak at the top.
The gondola rose slowly until it was just
under and perpendicular to the boom.
Gradually it turned until it was still
under but parallel to the boom
and away from the building.
Now for the BEST part.
Almost imperceptibly, the boom w/gondola
fastened beneath swung to the left.
When it reached a certain point the boom began
to move bit by bit lengthwise into the opening
in the building until it and the gondola
disappeared from sight.
And the glass window descended and closed.
(Sorry, no pictures. Too busy narrating the action 
into the phone.)

Hoping for a next time!

PS I've since been told there is a
"boom"on each of the 4 sides of the building.

September 15, 2009

Happy 75th Birthday, Tomie

Tomie dePaola in Ravenna 1984, ©ccroll

 With hugs and love, XXXXX and purrs, 
Carolyn, Tizzy and Fred

September 14, 2009

Class Act

Carolina e Tomasso a Roma 1984

Hard to believe its been 25 years since

Tomie De Paola led that gruppo to Italy 

and the Bologna Book Fair.
My idol from the moment I "discovered"
Strega Nona at a school book fair where 
Jane Flory and I were speaking years ago. 

Still skint from a trip to Russia, I signed on. 
Couldn't pass up the chance to see Italy,
visit the Bologna Book Fair and possibly
chat with Tomie a time or two. (I knew
he'd never do it again.)

We all met at JFK. Soon Tomie appeared, 
greeting each individually. 
My turn.
I held out my hand, reminding him that
we had met briefly before at the Free 
Library in Philadelphia.
Tomie responded that he had something for me.
(Perhaps, the signed copy of his St Francis?
An expected souvenir for signing on)
From his pouch,  a copy of my Too Many Babas.
"May I have your autograph?", he asked.
Still gives me a lump in my throat.

Tomorrow is Tomie De Paola's 75th birthday.

Buon Compleanno, carissimo Tomassino!!
Con amore, abbraci e baci.
Carolina di Filli

September 8, 2009

Peppermint Roses

click on photo to enlarge

Blooming today in St. Mark's Church garden, 
         on Locust St between 16th and 17th Sts.

Fall Faux-liage

Windows closed. The tale told. 
Opening doors to new ideas. 
And old hall furniture, it seems.
A temporary grove of artificial trees 
has sprung up this afternoon at the 
end of the elevator hall.
The fall faux-liage began early this year.

September 3, 2009

What's In A Name?

(click to enlarge)

Fred jumped on me at 7:46 this morning. 
My living alarm clock. Impatient that I slept
an hour more than usual.
I dressed. He lead me to his empty bowl.
Fred doesn't know his name. 
The one I gave him.
Tizzy comes when I call, not Fred.
Neither one of them knows my name.
How could they? It doesn't matter.
I must be pictures, sounds and 
smells in their minds. 
She who serves food, cleans the box, 
scratches ears, rubs bellies, clips claws, 
flashes the laser light. Who comforts 
when it thunders.
Anxiety when I leave. 
Relief when I return.
And never forgets their snack before bed.
(They don't let me).
             =^..^= =^..^=

September 2, 2009

I Spy A Fly, Oh My

(click on photo to enlarge)

Some how a fly made it up to the 
37th floor yesterday.
The cat boys took turns stalking 
and chasing it all afternoon
and into the evening.
Don't know which one got it, 
but its gone. Game over.

September 1, 2009

Comes September

                   from What Will The Weather Be?, by Lynda DeWitt

The first of September always feels 
like New Years to me.
Cool breezes and a cerulean sky with 
high cotton wool clouds. 
Can't wait for sweaters, socks and 
turning leaves.