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July 29, 2008

I Take Requests

My Sister told me I needed a picture
of a flying cat eating a banana,
so I made one today.

Now some sketches have come back
from a client and I must do
the finished art.

In the meantime, I've also linked several
talented friends and The Daily Coyote
(no relation to Renee and Joe Daily) a recently
discovered treasure.

July 28, 2008


I think I'd better begin with an explanation of my blog title.
Shortly after kitten Tizzy came to live with me,
I found him licking a banana slice on my morning
bowl of cut up fruit. So I chopped up his banana slice
into kitten size bits along with his kibble and he scarfed the lot.
So we began to share our morning banana.

As Tizzy grew older he demanded new fruit
samples, globe grapes (peeled and seeded).
a bit of peach, a pinch of pear and most recently
a taste of bing cherry (again with pit and skin removed).

Neither he nor Freddie will eat real chicken,
fish (including tuna or salmon) or
any normal cat food just their prescription
kibble and a few Whisker Lickins crunchy treats
before bed.

Well actually there IS one other treat they both
enjoy. Housefly! And I mean Housefly on the wing!
We don't get many flies way up here. We hardly see
birds, we are up so high, but every once in a long
while there's a sudden bzzzzzzzzzzzz followed at once
by the tinkling of cat collar tags and a flash of fur blur.
As the fly hits the window (thinking it a way out)
he is thumped and swallowed. There's nothing like
live prey!

Here's a poem I wrote on the subject:

My cat eats bananas and flies.
Though you might think I'm telling you lies.
It is true and I swear
That he also likes pear
And most other fruit that he tries.

Banana, he likes just a slice.
Which I cut up and carefully dice.
With a grin on his face
He leaves not a trace.
You might think he was dining on mice.

As odd as bananas may seem
For a cat's gastronomical dream.
His other delight
Is a fly caught in flight.
Which he relishes better than cream.

My cat will lie patient for hours.
Asleep on the sill with the flowers.
He hears the first buzz
I watch what he does.
Swatting that fly he devours.

2008 Copyright Carolyn Croll. All rights reserved.