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June 29, 2009

Window Treatment

Working feverishly to complete assignments
before the end of July. Because that is when
the window replacement guys are supposed
to reach this apartment. They are working
their way around, down, then up again,
replacing all windows, frames and panes in
all apartments, one side of the building at a
time. North is next and that is us.

Must clear a minimum four foot space in
front of each window. Move furniture.
Box chatchkas, books, and art. My work
area disassembled. Protect computer and
peripherals from dings and dust.

This untidy little haven utterly disrupted.

The Cat boys may enjoy the changes. We'll see.
We are spending replacement day at Mom's.
Then back home for dinner time and
unwrapping our beds.

While writing this, the project Manager called
to schedule his walk through next week. How did
he know?

June 26, 2009

Weather Or Not

Philadelphia has been rained on nearly
every day this month. Or so it seems.
And I have been soaked every Saturday
whether doing the shopping or taking
Mom to the hairdresser.
Last Saturday I also waited in a deluge
for AAA's to come and fix the flat in my
PhillyCarShare car.

waiting for AAA's

When the rain stops, 90% humidity.

(As I say, I've drawn everything
in the world at least once..........)

Growing mold in Philly.

June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Josephine

June 23, birthday of Josephine de Beauharnais.
Born in Martinique in 1763. First wife of Napoleon
Bonaparte. Empress of France. Famous for
the flowers, especially roses, she grew at Malmaison,
her home near Paris and her collaboration with the
famous botanical artist, Pierre-Joseph Redouté.

Redouté had survived the French Revolution, despite
having painted flowers for Marie Antoinette who
considered him a servant.
To Josephine, Redouté was a special friend.
For the Empress, Redouté produced his exquisite
books of her flowers; Les Lilacees (The Lilies)
and Les Roses.

Before starting my illustrations for REDOUTÉ,
The Man Who Painted Flowers, I traveled
to Belgium, France and England to see
for myself the places Redouté knew. To
illustrate this true story, I had to know what
places, people and things from that time looked
Not many roses in October, but I could imagine

Josephine's rose garden, where she and Redouté
collaborated, is still at Malmaison.

Flowers, particularly roses decorate Josephine's
carpets, chairs and porcelain dishes as well.
She wore flowers in her hair, on her costume or
a bouquet was near by in every portrait.
Flowers were her passion.
Josephine corresponded and exchanged specimens
with the great botanical figures of her day, including
John Bartram of Philadelphia, considered the father
of American Botany.

available at

Redouté did this one!

June 22, 2009

My Alarm Clock

Early yesterday morning I was awakened by the
sound of a noisy motor rev -ving loudly by the
right side of my head.
Opened my eyes to find Fred E. Cat in my face.
So close he was out of focus.
And purring.... L O U D L Y ! !


June 20, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Last Saturday.
Lots of rain.
Soaking rain.
Thunder, lightening.

This Saturday.
Expecting more.
Wouldn't care if I
didn't have to go out.

June 18, 2009

Sorry, I'm Late

Wild 2 weeks. Suddenly assignments.
Sketches due yesterday. Almost forgot
the dance.

No time to write or do the dishes.
Be back soon.

June 11, 2009

Early Inspiration

click to enlarge

Pages from one of my oldest treasures.
Given to me as a child, by my Aunt Minky. 
She was an artist too.

Aunt Minky

A 1948 catalog of French couture fashion.
Illustrated in exquisite detail.  
Every visit to her home, I asked to see it. 
Finally one day she gave it to me.
Pure joy!

My childhood pencil embellishes many  pages. 
When I grew up I wanted to be a fashion designer. 

Blank pages with some early attempts at dress design.

June 10, 2009

Its A Cat Thing

(click the foto and see the drops)

A favorite past time.

Tizzy watching water drops run
down the wall after my shower.

June 7, 2009

Rainy Days And Philly

Locally grown veggies at Reading Terminal Market

Relief from a gray rainy Thursday in Philadelphia, PA.
Color, culinary and art and crafts inspiration at 
Reading Terminal Market and shopping

Colorful Chung May Food Market 

in China Town with my old friend, fellow artist 
Pam Newton.
(see post Pam & The Tizman 2/18/09 for
her delightful portrait of TZ).

Reading Terminal Market
Chung May Food Market, 1017 Race St. Phila, PA 19107

City High

The arrow at the top points to the window
where our winged visitor landed.
(see 5/13/2009 post- Visitor From Outer

June 5, 2009

In A Tizzy

Sweet TZ . Such frustration. Atop the scanner.
Hissing. An overhand punch in my direction.
Then jumping away in a huff.

My offense? Asking him to move his opaque rotund
15 lb self from in front of the screen and keyboard.

I will apologize, because he won't. =^..^=

June 3, 2009

New Cookie On The Blog

Cookie sculpture by Bea Weidner

My friend and delightfully clever 
colleague, Bea Weidner now has her 
own blog.

Love her stuff!

Boy Toy

Don't let this innocent picture fool you.
You are looking at a genuine cat burglar.....
Alright, make that - paper stealer.

An apartment full of catnip laden, handmade
and store bought mice, sheep, fish. Assorted foam, 
ping pong, woven seagrass and plastic balls some
with fascinating objects inside and a box with holes
to fish for treats. Plastic "crazies", coils and heaven 
knows what else. Fred's favorite toy? Strips of cut
or torn paper that he steals from my work top or
the floor. Bite! Chew! Kick! Flip! And if I get in
the game, wiggling the strip.... all the better!!