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June 27, 2010

Seeking Mr. Hide

                                    Sometimes Freddie leaves a clue.............

Fred E. Cat likes to hide.
If he can't see you, you can't see him. 

    Tizzy remains above it all (on the bed)

So much mystery.

Poor Sport

Baseball, basketball, ice hockey, American
football and now soccer. 
Every time Philadelphia wins a championship 
my neighborhood suffers. Noise and destruction 
of peace, trees, trash bins, store windows and vehicles.
Returned home yesterday afternoon to another
alcohol fueled mob gathered in and around
the faux Irish pub across the street. Could still
hear the racket on the 37th floor with windows
closed hours later. Thrilled to hear their heros lost
and are out of the running. Go Ghana!!

Now here is a team sport I can appreciate. (Thanks, You Tube!)

Love the ball spotting BEHIND the goal as well as the backboard.
So where can I get season tickets? ;-)

June 24, 2010

Lend Me An Ear, Part II

Asked what are my favorite beads, I have to answer 
that I always love the beads I'm with. Lately, that 
means glass beads from Czechoslovakia. The colors, 
the shapes,the textures, So addictive yet fortunately, 
not fattening

Been making some new ear bobs from my small but
delectable personal stash. Czech window beads cut and
polished so you can see through the translucent colors.
Slightly off center mottled gold/bronze bordered
picasso beads. A sparkle of Swarovsky aurora borealis 
bicones. A fine dessert...... beads ala mode. Yum!

Available at my ETSY shop, CiaoCarolina
And more to come.

June 11, 2010

For Paula On The Left Coast.......

OK, here's the evidence that there 
are cats living with Illustrators on 
the right coast who have
totally taken over the decor, 
sensibilities and considerations 
of the dwelling and studio they
share with their human.

Besides the water fountain in the kitchen that sits 
beside their food dishes, TZ and Fred share a 
water dish on the bathroom sink and another on a
wooden stool in the living room.

Among their many designated napping spots 
are the west window ledge, the north window 
tower, a pouf on the floor in the bedroom and 
another atop a wicker hamper by the window. 
There are also several African baskets, the day 
bed, love seat (or love seat back) and the ever 
popular,MY bed. And I almost forgot, the OUT 
box overlooking my computer
and keyboard.

Though I have stated that when I die I'd like to 
come back as one of my brother's children, 
another excellent choice would be as one of
my cats. 

                   =^..^=  =^..^=

June 10, 2010

Old Fashion

                                    From my high school portfolio, 
                                   Jackie Kennedy influence 1962-63

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. When I got to 
The Philadelphia Museum College of Art, they 
canceled that major. Without a thought about the 
life long consequences, I changed to Fashion 
Illustration, which was also canceled the
following year. And the school became the
Philadelphia College of Art.

college work, pen and ink and film color overlay 1967-68

Undeterred, I switched again, to major in 
Illustration. The Illustration department 
had a proud history, having been started by
Thornton Oakley, who had studied with Howard 
Pyle at his renowned Brandywine School in 
Chadds Ford, PA. 

decorative costumes, pen and ink and color 1966-67ish

As part of my student aid, I worked after school
in the office of the Evening Division Director. 
The result of another snap decision, having been 
offered either that, or work in the college store 
between classes. I had no idea that Jane Flory, 
the night school Director was also a published
children's book author and illustrator. (See my 
November 25, 2008 post) Jane became my great 
friend, Mentor and collaborator.

my first fashion illustration job for a newspaper ad 1968ish

Two days after graduation I got my first freelance job, 
neither fashion nor children's books. Fire engines and 
a picnic ground full of people in 2 colors.
Four months later I was drawing shirts, skirts,
dresses, shorts and slacks in pen and ink for the 
salesmen's catalogues at Villager/ Ladybug, the well 
known (at the time) women's clothing company. 
Meanwhile, the Art Director of Villager's advertising
company, gave me my first fashion illustration 
assignment (above) for a newspaper ad. 

kid's fashion portfolio sample, early professional portfolio, pen & ink and watercolor 1969-70ish

For  a while I had two portfolios. One for fashion. 
The other with samples for book publishers. 


June 3, 2010

Tizzy Bones

Basking in the sun. 
How do you expect to get a day's work done?
Basking in the late day sun.
Never get your day's work done.
Basking in the late day sun
Tizzy bones........  =^..^=

(click on image to enlarge and see he's not asleep, but
watching me.)  ;-)