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June 27, 2012

Murder / English Style

Pet Peeve Rant Dept.

Listening to media people these 
days can be not so very  fun.
When the Queen was coronated 
sixty years ago, speaking
English properly was a basic 
requirement for employment
as a communicator on radio and 
As a child, grammatical slip ups 
were met with immediate and 
consistent correction.
Answering, "Good" to the question 
"How are you?" elicited
"No, you are well", usually from
Any wonder so fun, very fun and 
coronated rattle?

Fun is a noun. 
Nouns (and pronouns) are modified 
by adjectives.
So and very are adverbs, not adjectives. 
(Adverbs modify adjectives).
Such is an adjective, 
Therefore, saying such fun is correct.

Coronate is not an English word. 
There is no such verb, to coronate
A Coronation is the ceremony
where monarchs are crowned.
(the verb is to crown).