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May 31, 2010

The Freddie Follies

As Tizzy watches from the OUT box... 

Fred grabs the keyboard cover.

Who said, "If you have a cat, you don't need sculpture"?

Pushing Christina Rossetti and Liza Loo to the floor...

Fred modifies his pedestal.
How could he know he's now 
sitting on the Queen Mother's face?

 =^..^=  =^..^=

May 20, 2010

Liza Doolittle Day

The Birthday Girl, six decades ago

Today is Liza Doolittle Day
First mentioned in the lyrics
of Just You Wait Henry Higgins 
in Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick 
Loewe's, MY FAIR LADY.
And its my birthday.

Now I'm off to get my free 
bus pass. ;-)
Happy Day!!

May 18, 2010

Lend An Ear

Beautiful Czech beads, a touch of Swarovsky sparkle and pearls.
Making some new pieces for my Etsy shop, CiaoCarolina.

Though these earrings are already spoken for, more pieces 
coming soon! 

May 16, 2010

Got Nuts?

"By any chance is that a peanut?" 


Washington Square yesterday afternoon.
A Squirrel, willing to pose for peanuts....... ;-)

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Tizzy's Mom, Nutmeg
"Nutty" to her friends.

Sadly, Freddie's Mom 
remains unknown. 
I'd like to tell her 
what a sweet funny 
boy she had.
=^..^=  =^..^=

May 8, 2010

And Now From Rittenhouse Square....

Starbucks, Squirrel style. A Red Squirrel and Gray Squirrel
pal looking for breakfast in Rittenhouse Square yesterday morning.
"See another French fry when you were down there?"

May 4, 2010

Going Nuts

Enjoying Washington Square with Mom last Saturday.
Tossing peanuts to these Squirrels. A little respite
from the kids and dogs who chase them. Let's
them know not everyone is mean.

Working to finish an assignment.
No time for anything else 'til I'm done.

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