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January 26, 2012

Brotherly Love

Blogging to you from high above the city of
brotherly love.
Celebrating dear Freddie's 9th birthday!!
Don't know for sure the exact date, but
somewhere within the last week of January
and first week of February.
Tizzy was 3 when Fred arrived and not at all
happy to share his comfortable life.
Fred did little to win him over.
Slept in his beds.
Played with his toys.
Chasing the big guy around and wanting
to play when Tizzy wanted to sleep.
Nothing irritated Tizzy more than the
baby cat licking his face.

It still does. 

Its about who's the boss. Freddie never learns. Nano seconds after

this shot, a feline re-enactment of an Ali/Fraser fight. =^..^=

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