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November 14, 2017


     Rainy cold morning.
Men digging trenches for pipes blocking my
regular route west to the grocery store.
     Crossed further down turning my cart south to Spruce. 
    In the middle of the wet sidewalk, head turned backward, 
wings splayed, a poor dead little city Pigeon.
Possibly broke its neck flying into the pub window nearby. 
Looked like it just happened. 
     Poor thing. Plump and smooth. 
     Couldn't leave it there. 
     Carefully lifted the bird in a handful of tissues
from my purse. 
Amazing how little a bird weighs in respect to its size.
Wrapped the Pigeon in some found newspaper and 
placed the package carefully in the parking
lot bin. 
     Best I could do in the middle of the city
on a rainy morning. 
     Rest in peace gentle city Bird.


November 6, 2017


Just realized Tizzycat is operating on Standard Cat Time, 
NOT just showing up an hour early for his snack!  

(Come to think of it.... I prefer SCT to changing clocks twice
a year, too!)



Summer of 2000,  my Neighbor's son and
his pretty little year old Tortoiseshell
Cat, Nutty, (short for Nutmeg)
arrived from Las Vegas.
Just before leaving Vegas, Nutty got out.
Was gone for 2 weeks returning at
the last minute.

Tizzy's Mom, Nutmeg

     Arrived here and taken to the Vet for spaying,
Nutty had a surprise. A litter of kittens to deliver first.
What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but
the results happened in Philly.
     July 31, 2000 4 kittens delivered in the back
of a walk in closet. Sadly, one didn't make it.
But 2 tiny tigers and 1 tiny tuxie were fine.
Eyes closed and squeaking.
Nutty kept them fed, clean and together after
they started crawling.
    Picked up the tiny tuxie, he hissed
at me. Love at first hiss!
     Called him Tizzy, nickname of Thomas, the
mischievious little boy from the FLAMBARDS
TV series based on K M Peyton's books.
     8 weeks later, little Tizzy moved in.
     Showed him his new litterbox, food and water bowls,
new toys and soft new bed. Used the litterbox and
the bowls. Batted and chased the toys and tried out
his bed, my bed, chair, window sill, folded blankets and
daybed. And been doing it all ever since.
    2 weeks later, his sister Jasmine (Jazzy) came to visit.
Greeted her with hisses!! His house and wasn't sharing.
Happy Birthday Tizzybeans!!

    Tizzy going on 18.