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August 2, 2011

What's Cooking?

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In today's mail, a copy of the latest Old Farmer's
Almanac for Kids, volume 4Including a spread 
I did about a year ago. Takes a while to assemble 
all the parts; words, art and photos.
Given just the space I had to work in and the request
for Dad to be rolling out dough with lots of ingredients 
on the table and children watching. But what were they
rough sketch

©Carolyn Croll 2011

Didn't know anything else until I opened the 
Almanac this afternoon. Good fun.

And I didn't forget to add the cat.


  1. I love this!
    I wouldn't have guessed tomato cake, not with oatmeal and orange juice on the table - if I read those right? I can't imagine doing recipe illustration and not knowing what the recipe was!

  2. All I was told was to show all sorts of different ingredients
    including peaches and cookies in the oven. I think they weren't sure what recipe they would use it with. Over the years I've had this sort of thing happen several times.
    So goes the life of this hired pencil".

    I should do a post on odd and "funny" instructions I have
    followed.... all in pursuit of paying the mortgage. :~)