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August 28, 2011

Goodnight Irene

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Started the week with an earthquake.
Which struck just as I'd finished downloading
some trial software from Adobe. The IMAC 
started dancing. Weird noises. First thought.
OMG the mother of all VIRUSES! 
Then NPR announced "Earthquake!".
My illustration from WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE?, by Lynda DeWitt, HarperCollins
Now we are having a Hurricane, named Irene.
(see August 17, 2009 post in archives).
Pounding winds and rain last night.

Meteorologists tracking weather, from WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE?
More expected this afternoon.
Watching TV. Schuylkill River and 
Manyunk streets flooded. Many trees down.
2 young gents featured rowing a
just purchased raft down a Manyunk St.
Interview over, immediate arrest by
Philadelphia's finest.
The charge (as stated by an officer), 
"No common sense." 
How infinitely more crowded the
jails if that was law.
The Cat Boys and I are on the top floor,
37 stories above all but wind and rain.
A little scary.
More evidence that I've drawn everything in the word at least once (or so it seems). ;~)
                                         Looking forward to Monday!
(My art for a different, but apropos, project. )

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