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August 25, 2011

The Bead Of A Different Drummer

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I can hear them now. 
My future heirs, in my apartment
sorting and clearing what I've left behind.
"Do you realize how much she would have
left us if it wasn't for all these beads and books
and dolls and stuff?"
I can almost sympathize. 
I will have taken my adventures, stories, characters and moments of
serendipity traveling abroad and/or more locally with me.
And the beat goes on..  
Uh, or make that the bead goes on
The name of my favorite booth at last weekend's BeadFest
Philadelphia 2011. (actually in Oaks, PA- west of Valley Forge).
My equally bead obsessed cousin Janet came from NYC with
a group from FIT and met me there. 
Beaded beads at the bead goes on

another view/ the bead goes on booth at BeadFest 2011, Philadelphia
So much to see, touch and talk about while choosing.
Got to tell Diane Hawkey how much I love her wimsical beads.
And the visual feast at the bead goes on's booth of tempting treasures.
Hand painted beauties from Asia, the bead goes on
2 head beads/ the bead goes on
Huge apple green jade beads from Asia/ the bead goes on
Old Afghan coins / the bead goes on

2 huge Venetian blown glass beads with millefiori decoration/

the bead goes on

Diane Hawkey's delightful handmade ceramic  houses and mermaid

     Strand of pretty Chinese lampwork beads, carved bone kitties,
        Venetion blown glass and Diane Hawkey ceramics together in grande finale  :~)

the bead goes on
Diane Hawkey

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