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July 24, 2010

Tippy Toes

Posting this to show my progress...especially 
to Paula P. on the left coast and anyone else 
having a slow art day while learning to paint 
and draw on the computer. 
A "Thank You" note for my thoughtful generous 
sister-in-law who treated me to my first ever 
professional pedicure for my birthday. 
May not look too impressive at first glance. 
But a triumph nevertheless. Painting the left 
foot first and figuring out how to copy, paste
and flip it horizontally next to the original.
Learning to walk before I run. ;-)


  1. Well gosh! Happy Birthday! And I love the digital toes!! :~)

  2. Thanks, Paula.
    My birthday was actually back in May.
    I just waited until July to use my delightful gift.