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July 20, 2010

A Call To Arms (And Necks)

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Beading right along. Some new pieces 
at CiaoCarolina, myEtsy shop.
The jewel colors of these rectangular
carved Czech glass travertine beads
remind me of Egyptian scarabs which
inspired this bracelet. The links are
fashioned by hand from antiqued brass
wire which compliments the bronze
colored edges on the beads. Beads with
this mottling are called picasso beads.

                                     click on image to enlarge

This necklace is really a shapes and colors
sampler of 27 different Czech glass beads
from my collection. I've hand tied them on 
silk cord so each lovely bead can be appreciated 
separately as well as together with the others. Most
are also picasso beads. Some are clear, others 
translucent, all luscious. (OK, I'm a beadaholic). 

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These wonderful beads imitate African agate,
but are so lovely and rich as themselves. The
Czech bead masters make them so each differs
slightly from the next, just like stone beads.
From a distance they appear as earth colored.
Closer, the exquisite colored banding in the
glass is more apparent. The colors deepened
by their translucency.

Not finished yet. Many new ideas stirring behind
my beady eyes in my beady brain.

More soon. Bead patient ;-)

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