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July 1, 2010

Thought That I Would Never See...

When PhillyCarShare first came to Phila, 
I started driving again. Early on I found a
a $300 ticket on the car window after just 
15 minutes in a pet store on South St. I
had no idea the short blue meter where I 
had deposited the required coins was a 
disabled person meter and parking place. 
No identifying symbols or words. Just short and blue. 
I live in Center City Phila. I often see odd
things. After a guy dressed like a hoagie, or 
underpants and a giant glittery high heeled shoe-car 
stuck in traffic, a short blue parking meter registers 
only that the city must have gotten a "deal" from a 
new meter company who cut corners.... or rather 
pole height.

Lo and behold.... this morning, I saw yet another
bit of evidence to support my case. 
A tree wearing a sweater, at the corner of 18th 
and Walnuts Sts. Signed slipstitch.
Traced it back to
An example of yarnbombing. 
Stuff you don't see in the burbs. ;-)


  1. I totally think you should fight that $300 ticket because the judge deserves to hear your well-reasoned argument and I bet you'll get off on the sheer weight of the entertainment value you provide in front of the bench that morning.

    I can imagine a rainbow yarnbomb landing in the Castro District of San Francisco :)

  2. Unfortunately, its too late. That horrible ticket was 8 or more years ago. I did show it to a number of businesses that I frequent on South St. telling them that was "their money" in that I wouldn't have it spend in their stores.
    The judge could not have cared less in that "Ignorance of the law is no defense." It did alert everyone I know to the perils of parking at short blue meters. And, it gave me an experience to blog about..... years later.

    Glad you like the sweater though.

  3. ohhhh! I love this tree wearing a sweater!! I'm going to knit one for my front house's tree too, it's too cold now in Rosario! good idea!!! (I have no idea how will I put the sweater on it)

  4. I believe they made most of it off the tree and sort of crocheted the tree into it by closing the whole thing
    with yarn and a big crochet hook.
    If you do it, you better send pictures!

    Good to hear from you.