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February 10, 2010

A Purrfect Valentine

Baby steps. Here is a valentine I just created using only draw and paint software.
Learning more each day. Whew!!

After I did THIS and moved it to Photoshop for more fooling around.....

Pretty cool, huh! If I ever get the hang of this, some day I may find
out what I clicked on to get this, the complimentary color version.

Love & XXX, CC


  1. How sweet. You're doing great! I think the green one is because you hit "invert" or something. Try 'distort' sometime, that's a fun one.

  2. Thanks so much, Paula.
    I think you are right. Now I'm trying something a bit more complicated.... stay tuned. (Unless you find something REALLY
    exciting to watch) ;-)
    Your encouragement is most appreciated.

  3. I think it's downright amazing! The inverse colors are cool but I think the cat's face is more expressive in the first image. Amazing illusion.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, Diane,

    Purr-haps the second is an un-valentine. ;-)

  5. You're really making progress, congratulations. And I too think you should try a wacom. Good luck!