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February 18, 2010

Paintin' And Drawin' on My Mac

This time just painting directly on the computer, without lines, not even guidelines.
Fun, faster than by hand and NO MESS! Now I'm inspired to try something a bit
more complicated with more figures and a background. Betcha can't wait.  ;-)


  1. like the picture. simple and effective.

  2. As THIS old dog is trying to learn some new tricks here, your
    encouragement is especially welcome! ;-)
    And love to Harry!

  3. I can't believe this is one of your first attempts in this medium! So wonderful.

  4. Thanks so much, DB.
    Never said I couldn't draw and paint..... its just doing it on the computer is a horse of a different color. This is really a very modest early effort. Need to do some more with textures and modeling of forms. Your encouragement, as always is most appreciated.
    And the beat go on. ;-)

  5. You're doing great Caroline. I've been enjoying these posts.

  6. Thanks Edie, I am appreciative of your encouragement.
    I've had to lay down my stylus for a short time to do a couple of assignments (hooray), but shall pick it up again soon. What I like
    most is no mess to clean up afterwords and no toxic fumes (fixative). And its actually fun to think outside my old comfort zone. OOXXOO