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February 5, 2010

Little Progress

Far from one of my best samples and far from finished. 
I post this image only to report a soupçon of progress 
as I learn the ins and outs of vectors and paths that are
Adobe Illustrator. It may look like coloring book art, but 
it was done through glazed eyes, gritted teeth and trying 
to watch tutorial videos through one or the other of  two 
16 lb. cats lounging in front of the screen. By next week 
I 'm hoping to be up to adding rosy cheeks and shading.
Gotta go now. The cats are back. ;-o

my pathetic attempt/ unfinished computer art exercise


  1. I feel your pain Carolyn. I'm going through the same thing, exactly! But I'm afraid of Illustrator - Photoshop and Painter are much easier methinks. I think your first attempt here is smashing.
    And by the way, I'm a big fan. And I love your cat boys.

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  3. The cat boys thank you.
    I appreciate you leaving me your a consoling message.
    I found your blog and your work is beautiful! I like your
    computer sketch and accompanying advice. A friend suggested that I look at one of the ILLUSTRATOR WOW books, which I found ont Amazon and am waiting to arrive. She says the artists' projects will wow me and I'll learn alot from the step by step breakdown (of how the art was done... not how the artists found mental therapy ;-). My friend is a wiz at everything Adobe. Onward and upward! Good luck to you too!