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November 16, 2010

A Really Good Yarn.

Erika Flory's, Calypso Hat

(click on images to enlarge)

My friend Erika Flory is a knitting virtuoso.
She knits for pleasure. As for business she is 
Knitwear Designer for her own KidKnits© label 
for over 20+ years of the 45+ years she has 
been knitting.

Erika is also the youngest daughter of my old
dear friend and mentor, Jane Flory.
(see my 11/25/2008 post) 

Erika Flory wearing her own Sunset stole
What began as a hobby grew into a business.
Starting with her hand knit sweaters and hats
for babies and toddlers which Erika sold at
crafts shows, KidKnits© has grown to include
its own website where
kits and patterns of Erika's marvelous designs
are available.

Yellow Cardigan, KidKnits

Baby Kimono, KidKnits

Sweet toddler dress

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, these small socks

For knitters on your holiday lists consider Erika Flory's books, 
Head To Toe Knits with 23 designs to knit for babies. Or maybe 
A Baker's Dozen, a collection of that number of lovely hats for babies.
And now Erika Flory's gorgeous knitwear is available 
at KidKnits as patterns and kits. Took me hours to 
choose several samples to post here, they are so
Shrug, KidKnits

Bec's BBQ, KidKnits

Along with running her business and with her Architect 
husband, Michael Hauptman, taking care of her family
Erika leads a group of volunteers teaching knitting and
crochet to the blind and vision impaired.

You an learn more about Erika Flory and her beautiful
work at:
(type kidknits in the search box)
And her blog:


  1. Oh YUM! Thanks so much for posting these wonderfully inspiring and beautiful little pieces. My needles are calling to me again now ...

  2. I know what you mean. Doing the post has me itching to
    pick up my needles, though my ambition is much greater
    than my skill.

  3. I can see how you can while away the hours looking for favorites. How could you choose? I had the same problem with my Irving Penn project.

    These creations not only look great, but they look like they are actually functional. Those little socks look like they will stay on the babies' feet.