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November 21, 2010

Remembering Jane

This week Jane Flory Friedman, 
my old friend and mentor has been 
gone five years,


Wall Hanging, Jane Flory Friedman, 1999
For the 40+ years that we were 
friends, along with raising a family, 
caring for a disabled husband, 
running the Evening Division at 
what is now the University of the Arts 
and writing and illustrating her books, 
Jane was working on needlepoint or 
pieced and appliqued quilts. Rugs, 
wall hangings, large bed quilts, quilted 
throws and my special favorites, doll house 
size quilts and rugs. Here are just two 
examples of her many colorful joyous pieces.
Doll house size bed quilt, 4"X4", Jane Flory Friedman

More to come in future

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