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March 29, 2009

Tizzy's Nutty Mum

Nutmeg, Tizzy's Mum shortly after having her kittens 9 years ago this summer.

Introducing, Tizzy's Mum, "Nutty". Well actually,
Nutmeg. Nutty was hardly grown herself and about 
to be spayed, when she ran away from home. She 
returned a few weeks later older, wiser (?)and 
pregnant. That was 9 years ago in Las Vegas. 
(Details remain in Las Vegas).In her delicate 
condition, she rode shotgun cross country to 
Philadelphia in a truck driven by her human, 
Mark C. Not long after, in the back of a walk- 
in closet in Mark's Mom's apartment here on the 
37th floor, Nutty's babies were born. My Tizzy, 
brother Silver and sister Jasmine (Jazzy) and 
a sweet little marmalade sib who sadly didn't 
survive. Nutty reminds me of the Madwoman 
of Chaillot. Small, elegant with long silky black 
and brown tortoise shell fur, small black feet 
and a fabulous plume of a tail. She shuts her 
huge khaki eyes and her face disappears. 
Mysterious, elusive and beautiful.

FYI: Silver, Tizzy's huge handsome silver tiger brother, 
rules over a kitty commune at the house of Hairdresser 
Michael. Jazzy, their gorgeous tan and black tiger sister 
lives with her Mum who is only a year older. They play 
wrestle and chase each other. Great friends.

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