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March 31, 2009

Little Orphan Freddie, Part II

Following all good advice, I had intended 
to introduce Tizzy and Fred slowly. 
Best laid plans...... 
No sooner had I set the cardboard shelter 
carrier down in the apartment, out popped 
the baby! Poor Tiz. In an instant his sedate 
"only cat" life changed forever. Freddie 
immediately got into everything Tizzy thought 
was his alone. Litterbox, water bowl, napping 
spots,toys, nothing was sacred. What Fred didn't
poop in, lick or sleep in he marked with a rub 
from his little gray chin.
I heard a thunder of hoofbeats and thought, 
"Omigod, Tizzy's trying to kill the baby!!" 
Looked up to see a frantic Tizzy zoom past 
with Freddie hot on his heels.
More excitement than dear TZ had seen his 
entire life that far. At least I knew little
Fred could take care of himself.

1 comment:

  1. Cute! I think it's good when they have friends. Our cat is sad because the dog hasn't been up to playing at all. He's been a little crazy to make up for it! What sweet kitties you have.