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March 30, 2009

Little Orphan Freddie, Part I

Sweet Freddie came into my life as a noisy
adorable little orphan from the Morris Animal
Shelter on Lombard St. 

I went there 6 years ago looking for a cat friend for 
3 yr old Tizzy. The kitten I originally wanted was 
already spoken for, so the volunteer led me to the 
next room. There was a great ruckus coming from 
a lower cage where an adorable bundle of gray and 
white kitten was hanging on his door with all four 
paws, yowling at the top of his lungs and sneezing.
Peeling him off the door, yowls and sneezes turned 
to loud purrs and sneezes. Love at first sight, from 
his chutzpah (chutzPAW?) to his little "ink smeared" 
nose and gray chin. Only his not so cute name, 
Carson, had to go. Combining my affection 
for le cose Italiane with his affection for silly puns, 
brother Ted suggested il nome, Federico Feliney. 
And so it was that next day, newly neutered and still 
sneezing, little Freddie came home.

Baby Freddie licking his tail

**Stay tuned for Part II

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