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October 12, 2011

Highway Robbery On The Internet

I just discovered this "cover" art on the website
It is my art that has been cropped and altered slightly by changing the cradle color from pink to green and eliminating elements to fit in type.

I did this piece for a special commission several years ago and posted it as a sample, only, on my agent's website or this blog. The image was STOLEN, used completely without permission nor payment as I own the rights and both my agent's site and my blog clearly state that the art samples are all protected by copyright, so whomever did this knew they were stealing. It appears the thief is possibly in India or thereabouts as that is the location of the website where I found it. Global marketplace, indeed.

 Below is my original image. No doubt about it! I can also provide
witness to this thievery, the owner of the original piece for whom 
the work was done. He owns the work, but I retain all reproduction rights.
my original art
I have sent a terse message to the website telling them
to remove the stolen image from their website immediately.

In future I plan to display my art in the smallest file possible,
making it useless to the sticky fingered.

Stay tuned for what happens. 
I know I will!!


  1. Ohhh my Godness!!!, So horrible situation!! I hope you'll find a solution!! &%$·"·%/()·"!ª!"!!!!!

  2. By the way, this illo is so so beautiful!!

  3. Thanks, Valeria. I am furious and I am spreading word
    of this all over the internet. Even joined Twitter just now..... something I did not plan to do.

  4. Terrible situation, CC! I hope you stop the thief!

    The illustration is adorable, btw!

  5. Thanks, DB.
    Actually, I've had communication with the online merchant who seems to want to work this out . Stay tuned.