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October 27, 2011


When Edie Weinberg sent me Tony Johnston's 
delightful "scary" story, BOO, A Story 
That Could Be True to illustrate I couldn't
wait to start.
ⓒ Carolyn Croll 2011
A ghost story for early readers, begins in the 
grand tradition. Oooooo!

ⓒ Carolyn Croll 2011

Naturally, there is a ghost. But what's 
with the pickle?
ⓒ Carolyn Croll 2011

The Farmer and his Cat start hearing scary sounds.

ⓒ Carolyn Croll 2011
More funny than scary.

Not going to give the ending away, 
except to say this book practically 
designed itself.
ⓒ Carolyn Croll 2011
Many thanks to Tony Johnston for 
this wonderful story!
And also to marvelous Edie Weinberg 
for asking me to do the pictures!

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