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January 4, 2011

Secrets From The Drawing Board

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Better late than never. 
Leading up to the holidays, my head 
has been full of errands and preparations,
rather than the weather. 
So when all the snow fell on the east 
coast I missed sharing my blizzard 
that fell on Washington DC from
by Lynda DeWitt, HarperCollins.
In the first spread the US Capitol
dome can be seen out the window.
In the next spread, with tongue in
cheek, I drew my dear old friend
Nan N. (in the beret) who lives down 
there, clearing the heavy snow off
her windshield. 
Looks just like her.

Book Illustrators gotta have fun too.
Happy New Year to all!!


  1. Your blizzard is beautiful and low-maintenance. I can't even begin to imagine how disruptive these snowstorms are on a day-to-day basis.

    We missed our nieces and nephew when they could not get a flight out from Connecticut to New Orleans for our big family reunion.