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January 28, 2011

Meanwhile, Down In The Village...

Elevatored down from the mountain top for supplies 
today. After the Mayor assured us all major streets 
were plowed and/or salted. 
Apparently, that meant mostly around City Hall.

Locust Street, major bus route east. Come Spring melt.

Two blocks from my place, just three blocks
from City Hall. Deep ice snow ruts. Illegal 
parking on both sides is a Philadelphia tradition.

Approaching Rittenhouse Square from the west

Only clear streets I saw, on or across the
Ben Franklin Parkway. You can see snow
piled on the Red Tail Hawk nest on the top 
floor right window sill of the Franklin Institute. 
Capistrano has its Swallows. Philly, our Red 
Tail Hawk family. Mr. & Mrs. were seen 
adding twigs to their nest before the snow 
came. Hope, Spring, Eternal!

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  1. I didn't know that Phily had a red-tailed hawk family. I know about Manhattan's "Pale Male". My husband and I have been following a young hawk along the loop we walk most weekend days. I think he knows me and is actually beginning to pose for my camera.