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August 1, 2010

Tizzy Turns Ten

little Tizzy, 20000

This weekend marks Tizzycat's 10th birthday.
His sister Jasmine and brother Silver are also 10.
Seems like yesterday I brought this fuzzy little guy
home from his birthplace down the hall in my
neighbor Irene's apartment. Her son had driven 
from Las Vegas with his unexpectedly expectant
cat, Nutmeg who had gotten out a short while
before departure east and came back just in time.
She never said where she had been or with whom.
Hey, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", right?

Nutmeg (Nutty) Tizzy's Mom
Her condition was revealed by the Vet when she was 
taken to be spayed. Nutty was still practically a kitten 
herself at about a year old.
kittens Jasmine, Silver and Tizzy

She had 4 babies in the back of a walk in closet. 
2 tiger striped, 1 orange and white(who sadly
didn't live long) and 1 tuxedo black and white.
Tiger sister Jasmine (Jazzy) stayed with her Mom. 
Silver went to live with hairdresser Michael. 
Tizzy moved down the hall with me.

kitten Tizzy watching snow fall
Early on, I found him licking then chewing on
a slice of banana in my morning fruit salad.
I chopped up the slice and put some in his
dish along side his kibble. The first time he saw
snow, he chirped with excitement trying to get
outside the window. He'd jump into the tub after
my shower to watch water drops run down the tiled wall.
He tells me stuff all the time, but I have trouble with 
conjugating verbs in CAT. But I've gotten pretty good
at cat sign and body language.
I can't believe so much time has passed so quickly. We
must be having fun.  =^..^=


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