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August 22, 2010

A Lot Of Atmosphere

Illustration Friday's latest challenge, ATMOSPHERE.
Well, how much atmosphere do they want?
Opened up Lynda De Witt's, What Will The Weather Be?
One of the best things about illustrating a HarperCollins
Let's Read And Find Out science book is learning so many
things I didn't know about the subject. In this case, weather.
And weather happens in (ahem) the atmosphere!
What to choose? Finally, I decided this image of a cold
front moving in showed the most atmosphere.
Here are some others choices.

Like I keep saying.... 
I've drawn almost everything in
the world at least once.  ;-)


  1. Those are neat illustrations for this LRFO. Is it a re-issue?
    Maybe you'll do one of mine someday....

  2. Hi, Ann.
    The book has been in print right along. I enjoyed
    working on this and an earlier one, Switch On, Switch
    Off, on electricity.
    I'd be thrilled to work with you again.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.

  3. Thanks.
    This "cold front" is actually the right side of a spread ( a HUGE cold front moving in....), but the right works by itself for this purpose. But for some reason, I've totally lost the ability to post a thumbnail on IF. Could be the old brain has suffered a heat and humidity meltdown here on the right coast this summer. So looking forward to SEPTEMBER!!

  4. Lovely illustrations. Dutchbaby sent me here today.

  5. Welcome and thank you for your kind words.
    And, I'm a fan of DB as well.