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June 11, 2010

For Paula On The Left Coast.......

OK, here's the evidence that there 
are cats living with Illustrators on 
the right coast who have
totally taken over the decor, 
sensibilities and considerations 
of the dwelling and studio they
share with their human.

Besides the water fountain in the kitchen that sits 
beside their food dishes, TZ and Fred share a 
water dish on the bathroom sink and another on a
wooden stool in the living room.

Among their many designated napping spots 
are the west window ledge, the north window 
tower, a pouf on the floor in the bedroom and 
another atop a wicker hamper by the window. 
There are also several African baskets, the day 
bed, love seat (or love seat back) and the ever 
popular,MY bed. And I almost forgot, the OUT 
box overlooking my computer
and keyboard.

Though I have stated that when I die I'd like to 
come back as one of my brother's children, 
another excellent choice would be as one of
my cats. 

                   =^..^=  =^..^=


  1. Oh I'm honored to have a post done in my (cats) name! This is so fun - and I'm glad to know I'm not alone.

    Mine, in addition to what you see in the studio, have 2 water bowls, a fountain, the glasses of water on either side of the bed (and one on a special side table I shopped for with "it has to be sturdy enough for the cats to stand on" in mind), and a glass on a table in the living room. Plus countless 'beds' of one sort or another, in addition to MY bed, just like at your place.

    I've often thought I'd like to come back as one of my own cats too!

  2. Too funny.

    We may not know in what form we may return,,,, but I
    think we're both candidates for the same "home".
    (and it better accept our cats!) Hilarious......