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June 10, 2010

Old Fashion

                                    From my high school portfolio, 
                                   Jackie Kennedy influence 1962-63

I wanted to be a Fashion Designer. When I got to 
The Philadelphia Museum College of Art, they 
canceled that major. Without a thought about the 
life long consequences, I changed to Fashion 
Illustration, which was also canceled the
following year. And the school became the
Philadelphia College of Art.

college work, pen and ink and film color overlay 1967-68

Undeterred, I switched again, to major in 
Illustration. The Illustration department 
had a proud history, having been started by
Thornton Oakley, who had studied with Howard 
Pyle at his renowned Brandywine School in 
Chadds Ford, PA. 

decorative costumes, pen and ink and color 1966-67ish

As part of my student aid, I worked after school
in the office of the Evening Division Director. 
The result of another snap decision, having been 
offered either that, or work in the college store 
between classes. I had no idea that Jane Flory, 
the night school Director was also a published
children's book author and illustrator. (See my 
November 25, 2008 post) Jane became my great 
friend, Mentor and collaborator.

my first fashion illustration job for a newspaper ad 1968ish

Two days after graduation I got my first freelance job, 
neither fashion nor children's books. Fire engines and 
a picnic ground full of people in 2 colors.
Four months later I was drawing shirts, skirts,
dresses, shorts and slacks in pen and ink for the 
salesmen's catalogues at Villager/ Ladybug, the well 
known (at the time) women's clothing company. 
Meanwhile, the Art Director of Villager's advertising
company, gave me my first fashion illustration 
assignment (above) for a newspaper ad. 

kid's fashion portfolio sample, early professional portfolio, pen & ink and watercolor 1969-70ish

For  a while I had two portfolios. One for fashion. 
The other with samples for book publishers. 



  1. These are all wonderful! I'm so glad you posted them. The last one looks very 'modern day', like you did the patterns with Photoshop almost (I didn't mean that as an insult - just that you were ahead of your time, clearly.)

  2. I found your post while searching for Ladybug & Villager. Loved reading your journey! Myom used to work for Ladybug as a sales girl & I've always loved their clothing and ads. I'm trying to locate some pieces or ads by the label, but it hasn't been easy!