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April 8, 2010

Small Thoughts

True confession;
Besides books and beads I am easily distracted by miniature
stuff, especially of the handcrafted dollhouse-scale variety.
I once owned a vintage handmade huge dollhouse, 2 rooms
deep like a real house. It was almost as big as my little 
apartment living room, so it had to go. I still have a 2
room "Pine St." shop I made from the wooden crate
in which my French cookware was shipped long ago
No power tools were used in its creation. Working on it
kept me sane during a fallow work period back then.

Upstairs, an artist's studio, downstairs a gourmet
food and cookware shop I dubbed "Small Potatoes.
This morning, my friend Alice from
posted some links on her blog
that led me to , 
an online miniatures magazine for professional miniature artisans.
They had me on page 1, but to join one needs to be a Professional Miniatures Artisan. 
So, I submitted these two items that I made
for consideration, hoping they are good enough, along with my books and beads to obtain some dispensation.
Here's hoping. ;-)

PS: They've turned me down because the rules say I must be an artisan who SELLS her miniature work. Never fear, I see this as an impetus to do some miniatures for sale on ETSY. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh this is amazing! Look at those little tubes of paint!!!
    I bought my mom a dollhouse for Christmas a couple of years ago, and she loves it - she made curtains for it and everything. Its addicting, for sure. Yours is a treasure.

  2. Stunning!!! Your talents seem boundless. I began a collect miniature creches a few years ago. I try to buy one in every country I travel in. Don't have an American one - hint, hint.

  3. I appreciate all the kind comments. I can get completely lost in
    the world of miniatures or beads jewelry making.

  4. What exceptionally beautiful work. Your talents come in layers. This would seem to open up all sorts of possibilities. Do you know the book by Madelaine Albright, former secretary of state, entitled "Read My Pins." Maybe, since beads and jewelry making are a passion of yours, you might decide to build bigger and more "illustrative" pieces. Making things by hand is so wonderfully seductive.

  5. I remember seeing Madelaine Albright talking about her book and her great pin collection and
    how each one held a memory and/or signaled her state of mind when she wore it. On your say so I'll give it a closer look.

    I wish my little shop was more carefully executed, but at the time I had no funds for supplies soI worked with what I had. I became so focused on this little building it jumped started my idea flow and
    lifted my worry and depression. The lesson? Think small, take small steps and be grateful for small favors and a little fun.

  6. Love your work, your miniatures AND your kitty cats!!!

  7. Thanks, Lyn. All encouragement accepted. :-)