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April 28, 2010

An Artist and a Gentleman

Leonard Rosenfeld referred to himself as
an expressionist painter. 
      Artist Leonard Rosenfeld 1926-2009,  photo by Bob Van Lindt

Often inspired by subjects and events that affected him deeply. 
Hookers and their pimps plying their trade beneath his 
window, graffiti artists, soldiers and terrorists.

                                     Purple Heart, Leonard Rosenfeld 2007
From his studio near the World Trade
Center he witnessed the 9/11 attack.

                              Detail from Tracks- Brooklyn 1957 

In his early career in the 1950's Len was part 
of the group including Willem de Kooning, 
Clifford Still, Franz  Kline and Clement 
Greenberg among others who hung out 
at the Cedar Bar in Greenwich Village.

               studio wall with paintings and other works of Len Rosenfeld

 Len had stories to tell, and told them.
Some on canvas. Some in conversation.

                                   Angel in the black 2002

My cousin Janet was Len's wife for 18 years.
This past weekend she held an open house and 
informal show of his work at his studio in New 
York City, which I attended. Stunning, seeing 
all the highly personal paintings and drawings, 
the breadth of his life's work.

Chinatown-The Year of the Fish, 1983-1085 one of Len Rosenfeld's "wire paintings" 

His large energetic "wire paintings" like 
aboriginal totems. Also intriguing, several 
interviews on CDs.
          Leonard Rosenfeld self-portrait 2009, photograph by his friend Vernita Nemec (with permission)

Len, tall graceful, speaking of his motivations and 
inspirations in his own refreshingly candid and 
appealing Brooklyn accented voice.
Surrounded by his friends and life's work.
Wishing I had known him better.

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All Leonard Rosenfeld's art is protected by copyright
and can not be reproduced without written permission
from his wife, Janet.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these extraordinary works with us. Each and every one is astounding.