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December 6, 2009

The Murphy's In The Details

Saturday mornings have become a cross 
between a carefully choreographed ballet and 
the old TV game show, Beat The Clock.
Between 9am and noon, armed with shopping 
cart and Whole Foods cloth bags I catch a bus,
get the Philly Car Share, Prius (parked in the 
garage of my Mom's building), drive to Whole
Foods lot on South St, shop Super Fresh 
(across the street), load the car. Then shop
Whole Foods, load the car, deliver my stuff
to my apartment, then back to Mom's, end
my car reservation, deliver her stuff, help 
her with chores, mail and meals and other things 
that are difficult because of her blindness.

Sometimes Murphy lurks in the details.
Icey, rainy yesterday, returning to the car 
with my Super Fresh purchases, the car 
was GONE!! Called PCS. Turns out 
(as suspected) a  new member took the 
first PCS Prius she found, though HER 
car was waiting on the floor above at 
the marked official PCS space.

After this happened to me once before, I made a
little sign that I attach to the steering wheel.

It seems to have worked well for several years until
yesterday morning when I forgot to put it on. :-0

I want to thank the Philly Car Share employees,
Brielle, Tara and everyone else whose quick thinking, 
understanding and kindness saved the day.

Now I just want my Whole Foods bags back. 


PS: Got my bags back, Monday Dec.7, 2009
      Many thanks again to Tara at PCS!!

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