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December 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Girl

Wishing Mom a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 

Mom likes to say that she was born on Pearl Harbor Day.
She also declares her years in Celsius, so she's 31c  (which she learned from George Carlin).
Some how she managed to raise the four of us with lots of love, lots of humor
and lots of patience.

Mom with us when we were kids.


  1. Well, happy belated birthday to the beautiful Evelyn! I have very happy memories of spending some time with her in Philly SO many years ago; they stay in my heart for all time. Lots of love from here!

  2. I know Mom will be delighted to hear your loving words.
    And we both send lots of love right back to you, dear Ellen.

  3. Lovely words to your mom! I hope some day my kids says something like that for me...lots of love and lots of humor!