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September 22, 2009

Fall Back

Started the new season with a bang.
Off early to a medical appointment.
Before leaving, noticed I'd put on a
black sock and a navy sock. (not the
first time.... went off once, long ago,  
for a day of showing my portfolio 
to publishers in NYC this way.)
Changed my left sock for black and
caught the bus. On board, sat down
next to an old friend.
Glancing down at my feet as we
greeted each other, I still had 2 different 
colored socks on.
(Originally had both socks been blue?
We'll never know.....)
Off the bus and a block to the doctor's.
Waited while the receptionist finished
on the phone. Gave my name.
Not on the list.
Are you sure? They had called to verify
Here, I printed this out from my calendar
entry...uh....uh, oh.
In black and white, September 23, Wednesday.
Caught the bus back. 
"That was fast." The driver said as I 
climbed aboard. Same guy, same bus, on their 
return leg.
I confessed my error.
"I see a lot of this." He smirked.
Alighting at my stop. I inquired whether he 
was on tomorrow.
"Yeah, I'm on everyday." He joked. "But I'm 
not picking YOU up."  ;-)


  1. Haha! I once worked with a man who accidentally wore a brown shoe and a black one. When we all teased him mercilessly, he decided to take off his shoes - only to reveal one black sock and one blue sock with a big hole in the big toe area.

    I hope you had matching socks the next day.

  2. Love it, D.

    I just noticed, in my adsense column to the right -
    all SOCK related ads.

    Too funny!!