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September 17, 2009

Beamed Up

arrow points to boom window
(click to enlarge)

I saw a metal gondola with several men slowly
rise up the south side of 2 Liberty Place, 
while I was on the phone yesterday.
When they passed the railing at the top of 
that portion of the building (40-some stories 
high) I suddenly realized that the platform 
could not be hanging from the roof nor 
attached to the side wall, because the next 
building section stepped back from the 
lower one.
"Sky hook?", crossed my mind as I looked 
up under my window shade.
Indeed, there was a long steel boom
sticking out of a large window opening
just under the triangular peak at the top.
The gondola rose slowly until it was just
under and perpendicular to the boom.
Gradually it turned until it was still
under but parallel to the boom
and away from the building.
Now for the BEST part.
Almost imperceptibly, the boom w/gondola
fastened beneath swung to the left.
When it reached a certain point the boom began
to move bit by bit lengthwise into the opening
in the building until it and the gondola
disappeared from sight.
And the glass window descended and closed.
(Sorry, no pictures. Too busy narrating the action 
into the phone.)

Hoping for a next time!

PS I've since been told there is a
"boom"on each of the 4 sides of the building.

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