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June 29, 2009

Window Treatment

Working feverishly to complete assignments
before the end of July. Because that is when
the window replacement guys are supposed
to reach this apartment. They are working
their way around, down, then up again,
replacing all windows, frames and panes in
all apartments, one side of the building at a
time. North is next and that is us.

Must clear a minimum four foot space in
front of each window. Move furniture.
Box chatchkas, books, and art. My work
area disassembled. Protect computer and
peripherals from dings and dust.

This untidy little haven utterly disrupted.

The Cat boys may enjoy the changes. We'll see.
We are spending replacement day at Mom's.
Then back home for dinner time and
unwrapping our beds.

While writing this, the project Manager called
to schedule his walk through next week. How did
he know?

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