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November 14, 2017


     Rainy cold morning.
Men digging trenches for pipes blocking my
regular route west to the grocery store.
     Crossed further down turning my cart south to Spruce. 
    In the middle of the wet sidewalk, head turned backward, 
wings splayed, a poor dead little city Pigeon.
Possibly broke its neck flying into the pub window nearby. 
Looked like it just happened. 
     Poor thing. Plump and smooth. 
     Couldn't leave it there. 
     Carefully lifted the bird in a handful of tissues
from my purse. 
Amazing how little a bird weighs in respect to its size.
Wrapped the Pigeon in some found newspaper and 
placed the package carefully in the parking
lot bin. 
     Best I could do in the middle of the city
on a rainy morning. 
     Rest in peace gentle city Bird.


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