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April 5, 2012

Bunnies and Brisket / Matzoh and Jelly Beans

Some of my illustrations and little egg books from
The Great Easter Egg Hunt, by Mary Packard /Workman

Arriving together this year.
Two holidays linked from antiquity, 
Passover and Easter.
Growing up with family Passover traditions.

Clearing kitchen cupboards of everything leavened.
Family seders, Hagaddahs read in Hebrew and exuberant singing. Gefilte fish with horseradish, charoses, brisket and matzah instead of leavened bread. 

My childhood best friend, Pommy, and her family celebrated Easter traditions. 
Baskets of chocolate rabbits, jelly beans, decorated eggs and marshmallow chicks.

These days my Lutheran sister in law makes the family seder complete with gefilte fish, charoses and Passover plate.

Always managed to enjoy the best of both 
traditions and still do!
My illustration for The Story of Passover / Moses and the Burning Bush
this book was never published, canceled by a corporate merger between 2
publishers (See March 10, 2010 post, The Story of Passover)
Another of my illustrations for The Story of Passover / The Seder

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