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December 11, 2011

TZ's First Snowfall

The inspiration for my 2011 holiday card came from
a picture I took of baby Tizzy's first reaction to 
falling snow 11 and a half years ago.

(click image to see snow flakes) ⓒ carolyn croll 2011
It was early evening. Looking out the north window
at the falling flakes chirping his pure enchantment,
tail wagging.

See Dec. 23, 2008 post


  1. great illo! great picture! I wish I can see snow round here...

  2. Muchas gracias, Valeria. Esto es arte Ipad.

    So far, I am learning to simplify. Contacting my inner
    "Matisse". :~)

    I will send you snow, when we get some here.


  3. Beautiful distillation of the scene! Matisse would have approved.