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November 16, 2011

Uncommon Cents

Real change at the Philadelphia Museum of 
Art Crafts Show.
Sculptor, Jeweler Stacey Lee Webber 
is out to nickel and dime us in most 
unusual ways. 
Originally from Indiana, she now
lives and works here in Philadelphia,
First to catch my eye, copper Abe 
Lincoln silhouette earrings.
photo: Stacey Webber / with permission

Made from vintage solid copper US pennies.
There are Washington and Roosevelt pieces
fashioned from antique silver American coins
as well. 

photos: Stacey Webber / with permission

Earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, pendant
necklaces, long coin chains and money

photo: Stacey Webber / with permission
photo: Stacey Webber / with permission

Some of her most unusual pieces, hand tools.
Hammer, mallet, hand saw, architect/builder's
plum, tape measure and full size ladder.
Three American flags made of pennies remind
me of the flags my Grandmother displayed
from her porch railing on the 4th of July.

photo: Stacey Webber / with permission

All constructed with enormous care and craftsmanship
from old coins.

See it all at Stacey Lee Webber's delightful website:

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  1. Wow, that's cool! I guess its legal to 'use' money like that? I always wonder about that kind of thing. LOVE the tools.