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April 19, 2011

Uncle Jace's Pineapple Walnut Biscotti - They Draw & Cook

(click on image to view entire recipe / full spread)
So excited, just received this message from the good folks at TDAC (They Draw And Cook). Guess what?! Uncle Jace's Pineapple Walnut Biscotti recipe is 1 of 6 recipes in the Featured Collection  just posted on the main TDAC jumbotron.
The collection is called "6 Recipes with Pineapples!" and will be featured from April 19 to April 22. After that, the collection can be viewed on our Featured Collection Archive page. Its the 3rd one down. A delightful honor from this very cool website!


  1. Love your recipe artwork and would like to try the biscotti, but I think the eggs are missing?
    Judy B.

  2. OOPS!! Many thanks, Judy B.
    In the process of restoring the 4 eggs.
    I have fixed the art/recipe and am about to send the corrected piece to TDAC with humility.

    A+ for finding the error of my ways. ;~)