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February 27, 2011

Hello Dollies

Searching for my pictures from the last big British royal
wedding and finding everything else but. Including some
projects from my creative past. Tons of illustrations
along with some dolls and puppets.
The slides are old and beginning to yellow, but with a 
little help from Photoshop thought I'd share these.
Always interested in clothing and costume, I made these
for fun when an idea occurred. A college friend Jane T.
was the inspiration for this one. The first couple of years 
in college, I made doll portraits of friends which I gave
as presents.
Wally Neibart, well known satirical Illustrator, an early
mentor, purchased my 18th century gent which he keeps 
under a glass dome on his mantle. 

I gave these folks bendable knees, elbows etc. so they could be posable.

A few potty (as in nutty) flowering plants. 
The stems were green wire so they could also change pose.
My attempt to portray famous 60's model, Peggy Moffitt,
designer Rudy Gernreich's muse.
fashion photo of Peggy Moffitt
   included for comparison
May be a few more, if I have time.

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