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September 28, 2010

Cat Wrangling 101

Time to visit the Vet and the game of 
CATch as CATch can is on.
Two players at a time. One a cat. 
Direct approach never works. 
Too many low places where I can't follow. 
Feigning interest in something else, never 
making cat eye contact. 
Gradually moving towards and often
past the cat. 
Gauging the time/space ratio. 
Deftly grasping wriggling yowling 
and possibly hissing animal. 
Depositing same into carrier. WHEW!! 
Point, match, game. 
(Note: Tizzy meowing a few times then quieting for
the trip. Freddie, singing loudly with great pathos, 
pronouncing "ME-YOW" all the way over and
all the way back.)
Two cats. One round each. Two rounds in six days. 
Now must give Fred a pill TWICE a day. 
Its only day six of ten.  :-(

Providing lots of practice. =^..^=  =^..^=


  1. Oh no - pills!! I hope he'll be OK, whatever's ailing him.
    I SO feel your pain on the wrangling and the pills, both.
    "Vet Day" is not a fun day. :~/

  2. Thanks for asking.
    Nothing serious. An antibiotic to clear up a little cat acne
    on his chin. 3 more pills to go. One tonight and 2 tomorrow. Amazingly, he fusses, swallows the pill and
    a syringe full of water and forgives me instantly. I know
    because he runs away then comes right back for some loving and play. Sweet kitty.

    Still smiling thinking of your sheep. ;-)

  3. it seems we are not so far, dear Carolyn!

  4. I had to catch Pushkin in a very similar way yesterday. He got pills too. Antibiotics for inflamed gums. He has not been eating. But since the pills he has been eating lots. Harry kept eating Pushkin's left overs before we could stop him. But now Pushkin is eating again there are no leftovers for Harry.