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March 29, 2010

The Story Of Passover

Tonight at sundown begins the celebration of Passover.
The ancient celebration of freedom from slavery is
celebrated at a family dinner where the story of Moses
leading his people out of Egypt is recounted, along with
traditional prayers and songs and traditional foods including
matzoh, unleavened bread are eaten.

Here are several pictures from THE STORY OF PASSOVER
a book I illustrated for Golden Press, never published due to
the publisher being acquired by another just before publication.

Best wishes for a zisn Pesach. A sweet Passover.



  1. Beautiful drawings Carolyn. What a treat to do those Bible stories in full color. We certainly did have a lot of practice. What happens legally to a finished book that's in limbo like this. Could it become your book?

  2. Only the art is mine. Theoretically I could try to write a manuscript to "match" the art, but I have to ask myself whether
    I want to spend the time when I have other projects that interest me.

  3. Well that's too bad about the book. Gosh. All that work. Beautiful art, as always!

  4. Thanks, Paula.
    Illustrating a book is always a serious commitment
    and it is very frustrating and depressing to see all
    that time and effort wasted due to actions beyond
    one's control. Its one of the things that cross my
    mind when some one comments that illustrating
    children's books "sounds like fun". ;-)

  5. Wonderful illustrations! I'd use them with my classes. In fact, I wish I had just the illustrations to do a sequencing activity. But about the book: Carolyn, in the years since you posted this, the PJ Library program has grown and grown. I wonder if they'd do the work of finding an author to write the text? We need well illustrated Passover stories!